About Side-Out

Our Mission

The Side-Out Foundation powerfully builds advocacy - to match metastatic breast cancer patients with personalized care therapies developed from sound ongoing research; to alter cancer trajectories toward positive outcomes; and to always challenge the foundations of cancer care to significantly extend the lives of those living with advanced breast cancer.

Our Story


What We Do

Side-Out unites communities to impact change.
Each year, hundreds of sports teams across the country join the growing Dig Pink® movement. Together, they support the development of treatments that are giving metastatic breast cancer patients more quality time with their families and getting them closer to the day we find a cure.

Side-Out owns, funds, and manages game-changing breast cancer research, The Side-Out Protocol.
Side-Out’s programs sponsor our clinical trials at renowned medical institutions across the country. The Side-Out Protocol uses a unique approach that is successfully extending the lives of those living with metastatic breast cancer.

Side-Out educates and empowers young athletes.
Dig Pink® and other Side-Out programs help participants develop skills such as teamwork, leadership and perseverance, giving them opportunities to live meaningful and impactful lives. Side-Out also invests in the future of young athletes by providing access to valuable breast cancer education and awarding college scholarships to Side-Out Ambassadors.


About This Shop
100% of the profits from everything in this store go to support Side-Out's research, which is working to extend the lives of those living with metastatic breast cancer.


If you have any questions about any of our programs or have questions about this shop, please, feel free to contact us at 877-344-7465.