Dig Pink® Ribbon - 5/8"
Dig Pink® Ribbon - 5/8"

Dig Pink® Ribbon - 5/8"

Size: 1 Yard
1 Yard
100 Yards (Spool)
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This Dig Pink® Ribbon is printed on one side with the official Dig Pink® logo. "Dig Pink" is printed in white on top of pink ribbon. 

Ribbon is great for your Dig Pink event! Players, fans, coaches, and staff can wear it in support of your event and the mission! Sold by the yard or by the spool (100 yards).

 Approx. Pieces/Spool (100 yards) 

  • Hair Bow: 33
  • Backpack Bows: 66
  • Pinned Ribbons: 132 

Approx. Pieces/Yard 

  • Hair Tie: 1 
  • Backpack Bows: 2
  • Pinned Ribbons: 4
100% of the profits from this item support Side-Out programs and metastatic breast cancer research.

How Your Purchase Makes a Significant Difference

1:1 Impact

Every $2,000 can provide a person living with MBC a uniquely personalized clinical analysis and a report with treatment solutions that can improve the length and quality of life.

Advocacy in Action

Young leaders receive hands-on STEM programming, transferable community-building skills, and knowledge to empower them as a new generation of advocates.

Strength in Numbers

Through 9,900 (and counting) Dig Pink events and 120,000+ student leaders, our reach extends to more communities across the country.

Real Solutions

MBC patients have access to individualized, translational research – that means they are connected with science that will help them personally.

Do More.

Volleyball players are changing lives.

Each time a Dig Pink team raises $2,000, a person living with metastatic breast cancer can be one step closer to more tomorrows.

Discover how.

Side-Out Ambassadors

Youth + Purpose = Change

Connect and collaborate with other student leaders to make real change

Make your service hours matter.